Текст песни Massacra Humanize Human

All my most cherished illusions,

Fell to the ground

And slowly, my frienly spirits

Have turned yellow

What is right, what is not

But it must be understood

Evil means, doing nice things

Yet it does not lead to good

We should make, no mistake

Human values are being degrading

A forecast, for the future

It may never look so good or bad

The range of human madness,

Corrupt and wrong

Truly like two sides of a coin,

Offending and proud

We see the forgotten ones,

Locked together

While they are the leaders

Who live on forever

But yet the world stiil goes on,

In truth broken

Getting mad, getting even,

Humanize human

Текст добавил Hiekke 9.11.2010 13:40

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