Текст песни Massacra Zero Tolerance

Crowded place, the same face

But I should speak out my mind

Im free and it scares me

Goddamn I wish I was blind

Like a child I was told

We just need what we can hold

Everyones got feelings

But no ones got time for me

Wont you tell, its so weak

Way hard to believe Im in the cold

Lifes too long, hanging around

Its getting late and I cant wait

Its late, too late

Thats the deal and its for real

I guess we all have to cry someday

How can it be, what I see

Emptiness, just feeds their souls

Whispering or yelling

But no hope of ever being heard

Everything has a price

I wont be long for this world

Dead end street, where else to be

And how can I make these people see

We all say, men dont cry

I should have known, it was just a lie

A lie, you lie

Twisted dreams pull the trigger

But it aint gettint brighter

Zero tolerance I see

I would say just let me be

I see through you disguise

It hurts too much to stay there

Just time to realize

The more we get the less we care

Текст добавил Hiekke 9.11.2010 13:42

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