Текст песни Maths Entire lyrics for the Maths + Throats Split

Be the one i need,
Be strong for me,
Fallen in time with the heartbeat,
A thousand fucking hours,
Time (makes me) cough(s) up blood,
Every second stings,
Her kiss burnt like alcohol,
On the open wound of wasted years,
And love,
Destroyer, destroyed,
Deserter, deserted,
Fallen onto a shoulder,
The weight makes the ground crack,
Swallow me whole,
Red mouth and lies.
One day i'll be strong for you,
Hours and days,
Red eyes sting,
Even after they turn green again,
Try to stay awake,
Try to stay alive,
I'll hold your hair back,
As you cough up the sorrow,
Blood makes me feel sick,
Like my stomach is full of knives,
But I'll survive for you,
You'll survive for me,
I need you.

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