Текст песни Memoriam Corrupted System

They lie to you time after time
Helplessly standing in line, comply
Hope what tomorrow may be
Blinded by hypocrisy

Corrupted system

The walls are closing in
Realise you cannot win
Nerves now start to break
Not much more you can take

Vacant stare
Mind impaired
Now ensnared
Deep despair
Now unprepared
For this nightmare

Your masters mass debate
Hopes and dreams annihilate
Watching world decay
Final sacrifice is paid

Corrupted system

Pushed over the edge
Retribution solemn pledge
What will be now shall be
Cannot stop insanity

Vacant stare
Mind impaired
Now ensnared
Deep despair
Running scared
From this nightmare

Текст добавил Toshalink 26.3.2017 18:07

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