Текст песни Memoriam Last Words

To those I hold dear
If I do not return
Remember with pride
This life we have shared
As bullets sweetly sing
A hymn of sacrifice
Take strength - victory is mine
I am with you
Until the end of time

As whistles blow
No turning back
Bayonets fixed
Primed for attack

Out from the trench
Over the top
Machine gun burst
No time to stop

Have courage my love
Look to stars above
Tell the children I am there
Watching them everywhere
Your tears are falling
Destiny calling
I am prepared
This eulogy declared

Last words

In no mans land
Across the wire
Adrenaline flows
Senses on fire

Into the breach
No final warning
Face in the mud
Reaper now calling

As I face the end
My heart to you I send
Home fire still burning
Your world keeps turning
I bid you farewell
These are my last words...

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