Текст песни Miracle of 86 G-Song

let's make a list
of whatever you make a list about
that's better than
bitter round of hand-me-downs.
i can be your best friend,
and you can be the elephant
in plain sight out in the basement.

we always ignore the biggest things
we swore we swore we never saw,
so all in all my head is sore.
woo hoo hoo.

let's compare wrists;
we'll turn bone lines into stop signs.
it's better than
little scab that scares the town
into feeling let down

and traumatized by dramatized
pieces of the always-changing fault lines. we always -

we are the names that got mixed up in the aftertaste,
the brutal promises and everglades
and shoe-strung renegades.
9 to 5 with altar eyes,
open wide and terrified,
i want my own hand-me-downs.
(and you still with your sick frown!)
i want my own hand me downs.

just ignore the elephant that's hanging around,
and i could be your best friend.

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