Текст песни Miracle of 86 Letterhead

Knock down, watch the lies fall. Fold the table, watch the lines fall down. I use my first name for the first last time - the insistence is appalling. I'm a pawnshop; I'm a letterhead, stamping falsehoods then blaming them for being true. And if I could make it better than last time, I would use my self-control. And if I could do it all the next time, I would pay for all I stole. This game of flashcards is amusing; trapped mice are less confused than your token hero who's paid to condescend. Misplaced intentions destroy just what we want to save. They say that martyrs bleed for what they see; well, then I guess that I'm an angel. It's said that the liars go straight to hell; then I guess it's pretty full.

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