Текст песни Miracle of 86 Teenage Unity Song

I'm a teenage actor surrounded by teenage critics, and the critics don't like me much, but that's okay 'cuz I don't like them either. Let's unite and find something to hate: white lies and mistletoe, and the people named like states misunderstand but swear that they know. Everybody go out, and rebel against their moms - everybody go and be real cool, 'cuz teenage unity is #1. The virgins with their arms and legs crossed, and the hookers with their legs in the air, and the slackers with their pants nice and loose, all get scared and like to run from the truth. I wanna alienate, but I wanna be alienated. You will fight and despise for the rest of your lives, but you don't realize the saddest truth: no matter how hard you try to rebel, you always become what you hate the most.

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