Текст песни Moscow Death Brigade It's Us

It's the MDB Deranged. Break necks! Time to slam

What does it spell? It spells MDB my friend
Still in the game, fuck your fame, gonna ride till the end
Aim to offend, here to stand, we’ll defame your lame band
Bound to the underground sound, that’s what we represent

We’re blasting heavy metal, we’re raising another ghetto
Pedal to the metal, rattle, ready for another battle
Sting your skin like a nettle, our message is fundamental
Decapitate your cattle, going bigger while you’re going mental

We’re out to get'em steal the paint to paint the steel
Still spit what we feel, skill is ill, we need a thrill
Hop a fence, hit a train, bring the pain, disappear
Uzi-suicide is better than a suicide pill

We never stop This music makes your eyes pop
It helps you dodge a cop, whether you believe or not
Hit the road, have a blast, sleep on someone’s floor
Going nowhere fast, want more, one, two - go!


I’m not the finest rapper I might lose the easiest battle
So many kids on the streets whose flow is way better
Rhymes fatter Why be something that you’re not?
But our music's making kids bash Nazis on the parking lot

It makes'em start training, it makes'em go to gym
And when they come for you, son, you’re done, you better scream
It makes'em start bands It makes'em kill trains
It puts the chemical of freedom straight in their veins

Working hard for our fam, days are running
Rhyming, train bombing, yeah, you know how we coming
They call us vandals, goons, crooks, shady criminals
looters, solicitors, unwanted visitors

We don’t teach, we don’t preach and we can’t show the way
We’re just surviving daily grind each and every day
We make the music, spray the paint, no matter what they say
Believe me I paid the dues that I had to pay

It's the MDB's Moscow Death Killabees You all have been warned
We are the swarm

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