Текст песни Murderofcrows Nothing

papercuts, splinters in my fingers
dirt under my nails
here I lie, wasted in the space
between my strained gasps
thighs smothering my face and strangling me
I cannot breathe, I shake until the end

i am deathless, i have seen the fumes sundering the sky
and now, my house is burning down
to cum stained basement-matresses
and foundations of a long lost love
I breathe in ash
I am wasted here

rugburns, on the floor again
screaming in tongues, another episode tonight
I’m not alright, “I’d rather kill myself”, I tell myself
But, knowing that I lie, I crawl back into my cowardice again

tell yourself that you’re worth something
but all in all your existance is nothing

Текст добавил Mrs Dramaqueen 28.6.2017 20:36

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