Текст песни Murderofcrows Gibbets

There's a special place in hell for those forcing hardships onto others
And now you wonder if hell holds a seat for you, since you're a part of the problem
And you look away, I look away, we all look away

my life's an accident and all my choices are mistakes
my job's a suicide and my originals are fakes

I've got a bullet with the names of all the bastards I want dead
I think about them every day, I keep them safely in my head

Without missing a beat I'd throw my hands against the stone
Shivering, trembling with hate I'd blunt the knife against the bone
This life is just a fucking nightmare and we all end up alone

I'd put the pressure back on the bastards
With their mouths always reeking of death
As they condescend on the fragile hearts
Leaving us in gibbets with our jaws ripped apart

Текст добавил Mrs Dramaqueen 28.6.2017 20:38

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