Текст песни Mushroomhead Out Of My Mind

Judge me for what I am
The bastards in life
Who don't pay for their sins
You wage nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody's down from here on in

Heed my words hear me calling
Citizens watch
Their stealing our freedom
Promises left to die
And long forgotten
The government's lost
Tantamount to treason
Tedious the way we fall in
Avenging the cause
A rebel with reason
For the lies
Yet war keeps callin more home
I've been forsaken
For I am a patriot

Need my trust
To tie the blindfold
Bled for my nation saluted the flag
Seeds of hate
Beneath numbered the tombstones
Crowding more
Pledge my alliegance in ruins and rags

Out of my mind so easily
I've left behind so many dreams
Spiritual blindness poisons me
Not living on living on my knees
Or dying on my knees

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