Текст песни Mushroomhead Our Apologies

How many ways
Can we say our apology
God bless confess
And rejoice in acknowledging
The definition of truth hard to prove
Often lost rarely used with sincerity
No use rejuvenating a lie
You know we mean what we say

The payback
The vengeance
Remission of sin
All the shit that you say to me
Tell me is this
How your confession begins

I'll take the fall, fall for humanity
Why care at all
Everything's washed
Pretending you're something you're not
Is the worst of all
No use in calculating the cost
You know we mean what we say

Fall back bite your motherfucking tongue
Don't talk back I'm tired of hearing your mouth run
We made our declaration
A nation under one
Let God be the judge and the jury be his son

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