Текст песни Mushroomhead How Many Times

With mouth open wide
We lie in wait
We can't crucify
Relive our mistakes

The Devil that you know
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Your mate is your match
Set fire to the whole thing
Fire to the whole world

Would you please accept my invitation
No salvation just follow me
Forked tongue with fingers crossed
Transformation the mark of the beast
If ignorance is bliss
Serve me up a cold dish
Of your vengeance
Commitments your sentence
Crimes through your Father's eyes
you dare to speak but choose to lie
Win some lose some
Fuck the world it's now numb

After all this time
I'm here to say goodbye
Like we've never met

How many times can we say goodbye
And subject and reflect everything we've tried
How many times can I say goodbye
I've tried and tried goodbye is all I say to you


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