Текст песни Mushroomhead Devils Be Damned

God bless your soul
Can you feel it
Hell Hounds abound
Trying to steal it
Reach for control
Ward off your demons
Devils be damned
Convicted of treason

Tear my soul out
Spend my whole life
I don't need all your lessons, your blessing, deceit
All I've done for you still not enough now I see

What if I could not take this
What if I had to fake this
What if your world had meaning
And if I gave a fucking shit
Would this change anything
What else would you bring
Anything but everything to be forgotten

I found it interesting
You destroyed your home to become someone
You reek of sorrow

Tear my soul out
Take anything you please
Spend my whole life
Distressing, confessing beliefs
I don't need all your lessons,
Your blessing, deceit
All I've done for you still not enough
Now I see

Now that you're filled with hatred
And what you thought was sacred
Now that there is nothing
Everything has turned to shit
What chance do you see
All roads end with me
Does it mean anything to be forgotten

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