Текст песни Mushroomhead We Are The Truth

Hatred growing, breeding
As the armies mount dead and bleeding
Tens of thousands, no concealing
There's a hunger yet no one's eating

You can promise, but our dream's dead
And the rivers they're all but blood red
I can mimic all your speeches
No more lessons learned you can't reach us

Once upon a time or two
I think I lost my mind with you
Too many times to be precise
We take a toke and drink the wine
We got the users over there
We got the whores right here

Listen to me no hard feelings
I can see your skull past the pealing skin
Passion all dead double talking
Yeah we hear your words
No one's walking

False flag attack that
Found guilty through entrapment
Of our commandments
Your cooperation is commended
Since the corporation demands it
Who are the false
We are the truth
True or false
Which one are you

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