Текст песни Mushroomhead The Feel

Well you bled me out
Just to leave me down
Weed thru no way out
So much fun to be, around

Feed your fall, summersault down
And king the crown
You've no more searching now
The jury's out
Until there's nothing left to
Laugh about

I want to feel, I want to feel
I want the anger, the strife, I want to feel
I want the kill, I want the kill
I want the anger, the strife, I want the kill
For the rest of my life I want to, feel
I want to feel for the shame when I don't say
Your name...

Always been lost in my own mind
Can't find the words to explain my side
What I say, what I do
Stumbling on your feet, on the right way
Within reach, yet so far away
Mask been torn, face is looking worn
From the stage

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