Текст песни Mushroomhead Damage Done

As the day is long as the
Damage done
Rise get in line getem pumped up high
Get the hammers up high get in like to
Get fucked up

Get the hammers high
Calm and cool corrupt
As the day is long as the
Damage done
We wont give away anything weve won

Is this punishment where did we go wrong
Like a new conviction of a broken law
This is life in the balance this is hate for a challange
This is killing us in the desert dust
They love the way we let the water wash away
Gonna wake shit up gonna break shit up gonna tear this
Gone dead world apart
Dont doubt the hate thats inside of my heart gonna
Break humanity just inspire of me
Gaze into my eyes and youll find
Were losing so much more

Текст добавил Dex 20.5.2009 16:44

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31.5.2009 12:08 №15757 О

Хорошая песня. Машрумы жгут.

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