Текст песни MxPx Reaize

Intimidation has put me thru what I need to
Stand up to you don't protest I've made up
My mind I've got to leave it all behind i
Believed so many times your deceit too
Many lies my hope for you in decadence
Can't replace what's torn apart it took me
Such a long time to realize I was an instutution
For you go where you want to go know who
You want to know now I know that I was
Lied to sometimes I see your lighter side
The part of you try to hide it's true you
Still don't seem to care never a word only
A stare no one has ever known you you
Don't even know yourself your best friend's
Your enemy too what else can I say to you
It took me such a long time to realize I was
An instutution for you go where you want
To go know who you want to know now I know
That I was lied to

Текст добавил fully alive 17.8.2010 3:10

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