Текст песни MxPx Young And Depressed

You?ve got so many problems
No one else thinks you can solve them
Where did the time go
Everybody wants to know
Life goes on day after day after day
Too much work and no play

When life seems like it cant get any harder
When you feel like a martyr
When you?ve lost all control
That's when you?ve let the whole world know

You?re young and depressed
With no future in this loneliness
You?re young and depressed
But you?re pretty well dressed
Yeah you?re pretty well dressed

I know that you?ve been hurting
So much has led up to this
Your eyes are burning
Hard times make the heart agree
That's all that you want is to follow your dreams
They all fall apart at the seams

Discontentment turns to anger turning sour every lonely hour
Yeah depression
Failed relations turn over a new leaf will it be a four leaf clover?
Yeah obsession yeah depression yeah

Текст добавил fully alive 27.8.2010 1:01

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