Текст песни MxPx Chop Shop

He's got the cops, they're knocking down his door
He left the murder weapon lying on the floor
The sister's finally gone, now he's the only son
It was a bloody day in Bremerton

One stop, chop shop, somebody call the cops [x2]

In a studio apartment, his axe wouldn't stop
So many pieces everywhere he had to mop
She should have paid him back last week for all the meth
That still small voice told him "axe her to death"

One stop, chop shop, somebody call the cops [x2]

I hope they put this guy away, until the end of time
He must be messed up in the head, to committed this sick crime
His confession to the police, it painted such a gruesome scene
The apartment was more red, than they have ever seen
It's so sad to see that chalky outline
B town murders happen all the time

One stop, chop shop, somebody call the cops [x2]

Текст добавил fully alive 27.8.2010 1:49

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