Текст песни New Found Glory Singled Out

I figured all the years we shared were
proof enough
To extend my hand and help you
I know that getting started
can be rough
Enthused smile you seemed
I felt real good about myself
That's until the day you
showed me
You don't need anybody else

Why'd you have to go
And make me say these things
about you
Why'd you have to turn around
after all
That we've been

I figured all the memories were
proof enough
To maybe open your
>From the people you think hold
your trust

Do you ever smile and find it
Cause you don't know who
you are
I am glad you never
told me
You don't need anybody else


What will you do
When there's no one to
fall back on
I won't be there
I've learned my
What will you do when there's
no friends to fall
back on
Because they've all been
stepped on


Текст добавил Celebrity 19.6.2010 2:32

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