Текст песни Oh, Sleeper To Flagship

One step meets two, open, in the sea street. We will reign free.
I can't be king. Right me from this dead bulb.
One step meets two, open, in the sea street.
We will reign free, as the sons of the first King.
When wave meets foot, a ships wreck will drown it's crew.
Every man must face the fears, so he can brave.
Please, turn this vessel back to flagship
So I can brave it, hold fast and brave.
Every man who steps aboard must face the fears and brave. He must brave.
Cause even the most praised of ships, will wreck when the captain is careless.
Oh Captain! The waves are, like jaws, dripping...
Oh, let me not be made meal to the sea.
Cause I want to be strong. Yeah I want to see the cannons jump.
Strip my pride. Strip my pride. Let no fault meet this hull.
I know the reef's kiss. It cuts and sinks, draws me deep inside her.
I won't fear her. Through swells, we will reign free.
As the sons of the first King. The sons of Flagship.

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Хороший текст с завуалированным смыслом. С пониманием текста песня эта еще больше вкатила чем раньше.

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