Текст песни Pink Floyd Echoes

Overhead the albatrossHangs motionless upon the airAnd deep beneath
the rolling wavesIn labyrinths of coral cavesAn echo of a distant
timeComes willowing across the sandAnd everything is green and
And no one called us to the landAnd no one knows the where's
or why's.Something stirs and something triesStarts to climb toward
the light.
Strangers passing in the streetBy chance two separate glances
meetAnd I am you and what I see is me.And do I take you by the
handAnd lead you through the landAnd help me understandThe best
I can.
And no one called us to the landAnd no one crosses there alive.No
one speaks and no one triesNo one flies around the sun....
Almost everyday you fallUpon my waking eyes,Inviting and inciting
meTo rise.And through the window in the wallCome streaming in
on sunlight wingsA million bright ambassadors of morning.
And no one sings me lulabyesAnd no one makes me close my eyesSo
I throw the windows wideAnd call to you across the sky....

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