Текст песни RA Broken Hearted Soul

I can't believe I've fallen down to my knees.
They've got me begging me,
"Please, there has to be another way."
My broken chest, it hurts, it won't let me breath.
I'm staring down at my wrists.
You know why I have to insist,
That you talk to me.
Why won't you talk to me?

When did I want to be lonely?
When did I want to be cold?
I can't believe that it's over,
The beating of my Broken Hearted Soul.

I can't believe that I am down in this hole.
Always payin' the tolls,
For having found my way to you.
It doesn't matter that you pushed me away,
When you wanted to stay.
I have to find away to make you
Talk to me.
Why won't you talk to me?

Don't you dare turn away!
This cannot be the end!
You're my savior, my lover, my muse, my best friend!
I won't smile again.
I won't ever be loved.
You can't do this to me!
If you can hear what I'm sayin', please Talk to me.
You never talk to me.

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