Текст песни Rolo Tomassi Ex Luna Scientia

One mark of absent-mindedness the harshness of loathing
Skin and bone, losses are lesser, nurture this burden
And disposal is a waste of it all.

An absent influence that brings relief
Keep your secrecy; it’s never meant anything to me
Unfolding insincerity, talent lies in deceit
The craft of cheating.

Make believe misfortune to keep yourself down
Undaunted when the real disaster hits
Disconnect, keeping distance
At the last moment come to lose what you’ve found.

The faintest spark attempting to impart
Coughed up promises churned out to embrace faith
Not one was ever believed
There’s no quality like arrogance
There’s no defense when falling flat is risking fortune.

These things are sent to test us
The practice of misleading
Every measure unforeseen

The strains of undue weight, first error lies elsewhere

Retreat, march on!

Repairing the damage that has been done. Crushed, move on!
Finding comfort in these lessons.

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