Текст песни Rolo Tomassi The Scales Of Balance

Temeramental, faltering foundations
I feel it slide, collapsing from the inside.

Uneasily I’ll find my feet, I’ll remain capable
Reinforced for now, but it’s still perishing.

My discomfort directs me, vexed by irrational scrutiny
Assuring plagues of despair, articulated fears.

Inflicting such pitiful catastrophes
Sabotage my subconscious, sparing me

Drained and dragged, confined in my mind
Unravelling twisted reasoning
Shining forth, drawn to this glow
Unfortunate for the tormenting.

Far behind I’ll see, this falling short of everything
Far behind I’ll see, there is cause for release
Far behind I’ll see, the lack of ability to collide
Far behind there will be no remorse this time.

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