Текст песни Rolo Tomassi Remancer

A hard lesson to understand I educate and learn nothing
Teaching how to make the most of a wreck
Indulge in emotions, swallow them whole, and immerse
Yourself in these consequences.

Uncover neglect with a halfhearted attempt and now
You’re representing everything that we stood against.

An easy lesson so I’m told, to pass through the underhand
This knowledge will ensure to isolate
Feet tripping over tales, mixing myths with minor truths
And occupying mouths.

What’s left of endearment? Hollowed out devotion
Fuelling advances, elevated memories.

Revising my statement, revisiting my soul
I rebelled against perfection and watched it devour all.

Seeking out perspective, unearthing everything
I disagree without regret, forever learning to settle for less.

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