Текст песни Rolo Tomassi The Embers

I will not face this retribution, I know what's futile
It's wicked and reckless, make it discreet

Torch it all, it's forever faulted and fallen
Dawn to dusk, the first and last
Entirely tarnished by the past
Is it enough?

Repulsion flocks beneath the skin
The primary cause, consumed but adored
To host such passion, but desolate and drawn
The falseness of enchantment
The fractures in such deep devotion
Is it enough?

The love and hate the loyalty
Clawing through by the skin of your teeth

Desire and torment, it's everything and nothing, this promise of bliss
But fractured and brittle, infinite and unconditional

An undivided fantasy, which you can't bare to see beneath
The host of heaven, swallowed down into this darkness

It's no defeat, it's not enough
Sworn to by faith, burning for eternity
Infinite and unconditional
Sworn to be faith, burning for eternity
It's not enough

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