Текст песни Scary Kids Scaring Kids The Only Medicine

I wash it down, just to block out all the sound.
I never thought I'd be alone. Well look at me now.

Sleepless nights, painful goodbyes.
Who the hell was I kidding?
The room starts to spin,
all alone and bleeding once again.
Can you help me make this.. make this fucking end?

Oh my god there must be something,
Something to take the pain away.
And so there's nothing you can give me.
It's probably better off that way.

Just forget, all I ever wanted was to forget.
Bloodshot eyes and a starless sky.
Who the hell are we kidding?

You look so content, I guess the bright side hasn't found me yet.
Pull me out so I can catch my breath.


I live my life in the shadows of the things I try to hide.


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