Текст песни Sevendust Separate

Could I be the only one here
The one and only mistake
And I don't mind the sound of your voice
But hate the words that you say

Could you separate - separate me from the sin
Is it not too late - to try and start again
Can you separate - all the darkness from my eyes
(Try to cover me, ‘cause I'd rather be alone now)

Wash away the blood you spilled
And lay down in the bed that you made
(Don't mean nothin, don't mean nothin to me)
there was nothing i could do
Nothing i could say to pull you away


Help me - I don't think…don't think that you can
Help me - Make this make sense to me
Cuz I'd rather be alone now - Don't think…don't think that you can
Help me - Help me to forgive and forget


I don't think…don't think that you can…
Help me…

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