Текст песни SOiL Concrete Slave

Sitting back...behind a power desk Assuming control
Walls...with doors shut
Like a newly caged fool
Scream aloud...did you wish this life
Did your choice of cards unfold...NO

Tell me there's no more rebels here
In search of freedom your caught In a blinded stare
Tell me there's no more rebels here
search inside for a....friend

Building block...where we could stand
Was this in the name of your god
Now...have you forgot
How it feels to be so alive
Hey man..is your fave a friend
Is the rat race your in ever gonna end...NO

Tell me there's no more rebels here
In search of freedom you caught in a blinded stare
If you cut yourself will you...
Bleed from fear or bleed with pride
Gonna show the world ain't right
Stand up force the hand
Don't breathe the breath of the concrete...clave

Walls...within you live your lige
can you feel them squeezing you in...TWO

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