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You’re the cage that’s locking away the obscene.
Tell me, can you feel it eating at the inside of your skin?
I can see your eyes are screaming the sound your mouth won’t make,
because it’s bleeding the secret you try to keep.

How can you say that you’re okay when the only comfort you find,
is isolating yourself inside?
Feed the fear. Tighten the chain. You play right into his hands.
Exaggeration is the game he plays.

The secret never goes away if you keep it inside.
It grows and grows until you can’t handle it’s size.
It never goes away if you run and hide.
growing, destroying until you live inside out.

Your body aches; begins to break. It’s got to find a way out somehow,
at the seams, your skin is ripping.
Initiate; open the gate,
before it explodes and destroys you in unwanted release.

You’re the cage that’s locking away the obscene.
Tell me, has it still been feeding at the inside of your skin?
You’re still hanging on to the fear of purchasing freedom; it’s so relieving.
But the price tag turns your eyes away.

And watch them run and hide,
when you turn on the Light and give it wings to fly.
Then those wings become yours.
He won’t remember, so just let it out and let it settle.

Текст добавил Delilah 15.9.2010

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