Текст песни Sworn In Ex

I don’t need you anymore, the lies implanted in my head.
You’re a disgrace to the human spirit and every man.
You know that I gave you my life, and all you fucking did was walk on it.
We’re through you weren’t like this at first, but your life has been cursed,
I hope you don’t think ill be there when you’re done, you’ve had your fucking fun
How did I end up here, how did we get this far, your voice rings in my ears, I wish I could tear them off.
You’re fucking dead, to me. now. you’re life is just one big hypocrisy.
How your guilty conscious allows you to sleep at night is a mystery
If you thought you could treat me like this you’re wrong.
I knew there had to be a reason I could write a song, for you I cant trust, a fucking word that you say
If you really want to hurt yourself, come what may.
You don’t deserve to walk on this earth
I pray to god that you wont ever give birth
Because I cant imagine a creature worse than you
With an IQ lower, thats hard to outdo
These times, have taught me the lesson, to never trust somebody like you
Whats mine was yours, whats yours was mine,
Looks like we left it all behind
You crave attention in the same way you crave affection.
Its such a shame you cant seem to find both in the same place.
Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you’re the one thats fucking crazy.
I swear, on my life, I will destroy your dream
How did we get this far, how did we get this far, everything I hate, you are.
Blindsighted by beauty, ill never make the same mistake, again.
I will never
I want you to know, the way you made me feel. you’re a two faced, lying, human being.
I hope the person you fuck over next is smarter than the rest.
You are dead, to me.

Текст добавил maxrong 6.2.2014

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