Текст песни Sworn In Undefeatable

I'm so sick and tired of, every single song trying to tell me the same thing
The message has been said, we all hear it.
Its not like it hasn’t been said before.
So lift your voices and sing this with me, chose for yourself how you want to be.
Stop telling us how to feel, stop telling us what is OK.
We’re all able to chose for ourselves, you need to realize this, one day.
We all have anger outspoken, we all have love to give,
We all have things to fight for, its our own lives we live.
I will, lead my own life, you can’t bring us down.
We all stand together, not separate but as one.
Anger, hatred, and pain, lets let it all out
You can, try to bring us down, you wont ever succeed.
All of us here share a bond, something unseen.
Raise your voices, with me, this is our life to lead.
I wont be influenced, by the words you say,
This is my life, and I realize this today.
The only thing we truly own, are the words we say.
The state of mind, is something nobody, can put a stupid fucking price on
You will, never, see me sell my mind, to the selfishness of the human kind.
Fuck this, stupid way of life, living for your self, living for the strife.
Speak your fucking mind, don’t just hold it in, silence is never fucking golden.
Ignorance, is the thing, holding us all back.
Fear of the unknown, the things we lack.
Just remember, that in times of need,
All of the ones who don’t pay, begin to bleed.
The eternal ghosts, lingering among the dead haunt the future, and become fed on the past.
I cant, I wont, accept this fate that society brings to me.
We share, a bond unseen, you will never destroy our dream.
I wont ever, fall victim to the crimes, of the human mind.
The plans society has, will crumble at our feet.
I refuse, to give up this dream, I refuse to be told what to feel.
Just try, to tear us apart, ill show you that this is real.

Текст добавил maxrong 6.2.2014

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