Текст песни Sworn In Beggars

We are beggars, we are beggars
We are beggars down to the core
We are beggars, we are beggars
Hoping and praying that one day we’ll be something more
We are beggars
Begging for forgiveness
When this path you chose
Leaves nothing but conviction
And in defense, there was nothing but aspiration
Before you lost it all
Before you lost your head
And sight of all that you dreamt
Lookin back on everything
Was it worth it?
To abandon everything you’ve begged for
We are all beggars, at heart
Self dependency is a lost art
We are beggars
You can’t expect to make a man of a monster
You can’t expect this to last
We were family
Now I’m fucking sick of pretending that I’m happy
I refuse to let you get to me
I’ve owned up to who I am and what I’m coming to be
Stand the fuck up and take the blame
For far too long you’ve played this game
You keep on begging and it’s driving me fucking insane
Times change and things don’t always stay the same
You’re driving me insane
At long last,
I have owned up to who I am
I figured out my life, and my plan
I have owned up to who I am
My life is starting, while ours comes to an end
You’ll never see what I see
Did you ever have empathy?
It’s not god’s fault, it’s not anybody elses
You’re responsible for your own fucking path
So stand the fuck up and take the blame
For far too long you’ve played this game
Youre driving me insane
So just stand the fuck up
Not even in my nightmares did I imagine it would end like this
It’s hard to fathom that were going through this fucking mess
What does it take to break up brotherhood?
I guess we know, and it’s hard to let this down for good.
Beggars can’t be choosers

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