Текст песни Sworn In End

You aren’t perfect, not holy, anyone can see.
Your sin ridden existence is honestly a joke to me
Because you claim to be a man of god, you think you are divine
We have all seen your mistakes, we wont stand another bullshit lie
Get the fuck off of your pedestal, you don’t know anything more than us
take a step back and look at this for yourself, don’t just blindly trust
Question the existence, keep your mind open
Nobody has the right to tell you what truly exists
Don’t tell me these stories like they are fucking fact.
I’ve seen the way outside this place, the way you truly act.
Appalled that a man of god could do such things
Pulled fucking families apart, now I’ll do the same.
Ill tear you fucking limb to limb, rip out your throat
Ill make you regret ever having walked on this earth
If we are truly all loved, why do these things happen.
If god just plays favorites, id rather leave.
You can't tell me what I have to believe
Everyone has the right to their mind, and what they think
And in my head, all I can see is the world about to sink
Why don’t you just save it for when we’re fucking dead
I swear, I swear its not just in my fucking head.
In the fucking end.
We all die alone
In the fucking end, we rot in a hole

Текст добавил maxrong 6.2.2014

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