Текст песни Sworn In Sugar Lips

Drain me out
Leave me to dry
All I ever did was try, try, try
Why, why, why?
Nights spent crying to a blank stare
You don't care

Now why don't you tell me the truth
So sweet you hurt my tooth
Now you tell me that you don't wanna hear it anymore
Because what?
Life's a bore
Life's a bore, bore, bore

Sugar lips, sugar lips they make me weak
Take back every bitter word I speak
Sugar lips, dirty kiss
Is this the peak?
Cause things are still looking bleak darling

You're so sweet, so fucking sweet
Take my fill until I can't eat
So take me in and use me up
If it makes you feel alright I won't put up a fight

Let me lick the dust off your lips
Bring me in with your hips
Tell me you love me
Say it, say it, say it
You owe me that so I can pay it, pay it pay it

Can't you hear me screaming that I love you to death
And I don't really care if my name is on your breath

Say my, say my name

Say my name
Say my name
You're my favorite little game
And it's such a shame
Things will never be the same

Say my name
Say my fucking name
You're my favorite little game

Say it, say it, say it
Say it, say it, say it

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