Текст песни Tell Me A Fairytale Walls

Through the darkest times,
We’re holding our hands,
Until the last match burns,
We’ll never know how this ends.
I will believe,
In words you say to me,
But I’m sick of this lie,
We’re supposed to be free.
Create our sins,
And let us fall apart,
I’ll let you go,
And will find a new start.

In my head
No more tears, no more lies.

Crush these walls,
This world is doomed,
We will build another place to live,
And will never feel consumed.

Still breathing,
I can slowly say,
Please make it go away
Please let me find my way.
Choking with memories,
All I know is the pray,
Please feel my pain,
Please end this chain.

Crush these walls,
You are not alone
Clean up your goals,
With ashes inside we can’t start,
My last desire is new live.

Текст добавил Sven 8.2.2019

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