Текст песни TesseracT Of Matter – Proxy

I'm a surrogate
I'm our type of land in civil rest
I'm your excuse to know
For our superior
I will undertake
I will overcome...

Imperfection you will find
They're close to us
They're after us
They're right here

This endeavor is not mine
It's a deadly trip
The damage at our feet

I'm stronger than I was before
No, sir-ee, I push these walls
Like I found you holding on

Direction by the open door
All the chances I ignore
Like I stand still holding on...

The day is done
Nothing left to say
Pressing hand in hands
Wishing I had known my place
To take a stand
The year under the fall
That's a reprimand
I'm here to help you through...

Is there for like it seems
Living in this secret through a dream
It's dark and I can't see
Gather broken shards of self-esteem...

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