Текст песни The December Drive Finding Humor In The Same Joke Twice

night hits like cold-air wounds united by songs that we know all too well.
straight to the floor for all it's worth that i didn't call a friend, still
you go, and that's how i know you now. talk to myself. an endless waltz in
shorthand through countless thoughts. and how my worthless talk and
worthless give. a warm touch and falling eyes. a soft glow. a dance i can't
hide. so hear me when i call to you. lend your ear and you'll know. a sigh
of joy. a sign of hope. a song you'll sing back to me in all the years to
come. and i'll have never said a word or done so much to deserve you, let
alone be loved by you. lend your ear and you'll know.

( angel i wont regret on my way home
'oh, i know'
angel where have you been
i've waited oh so long
'oh, i know' )

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