Текст песни The Neighbourhood Phone Call Interlude

[Jesse Rutherford:]
Alright, no problem, I'll do it. I'm at the studio right now so I'll just do a little intro, uh.. Fuck, dude I'm nervous, I've never done like an intro like that. I don't wanna sound like a fuckin' idiot

Nah you do it all cool, just swag it out like
"Hey this Jesse from The Neighbourhood and we 'bout to cover me and ... . Say it how you would like, say it

[Jesse:] Yeah yeah, okay, okay

[YG:] That ain't nothin', nigga you got that shit. Swagged out

[Jesse:] Alright yo, hit me when you get back to California

[YG:] Yup I got you

[Jesse:] Alright peace

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