Текст песни Toto Better World

Hello my friends I'm calling to you
The things we believed
Are no longer true
'Cause we're older now
So much wiser than before

The pain that we've felt
We hold deep inside
The dues we have paid
And the tears we have cried
And the emptiness
Can we take it anymore

Have we lost all our faith in our God
And all that we are
When we look at our lives
What are we fighting for

Whoa, let's make this a better world
When push comes to shove
What have we really learned
Whoa, let's make this a better world
When you're lying awake with your life in your head
Thinking 'bout friends who are already dead
We can change


Is there hope for us all
As we're waiting to die
Lying in bed as we take our last sigh

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