Текст песни Traitors Dwell

Everything is meaningless
Life is far from perfect
Pain never happens
to the people that deserve it

Dwell my days
Dwell them all away
And realize nothing is worth it

I scream

Who are you to tell me what
I should do
As you sit there waiting for me to sin
Me to sin

I'm empty, just a hollow man
(Hollow man)

There's no answer again
There's no answer again

There are no answers
This life is meaningless
Dwell on my days
Dwell them all away

I'm on my hands
My bloody knees
He doesn't hear me
How Matter how loud I scream

Pain never happens to the people that deserve
Suffering doesn't exist to the wicked
I'll change that

Make everything worth it,
And crush you like I had a purpose

I intend to right your wrongs
Repent to my judgement

I scream
At the sky

I'll crush

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