Текст песни Vanilla Sky Hold On

You’re sitting in the corner
Your head between your legs
This time you’re gonna make it right

Always set back by your mother
And defeated by your dad
You only want yourself to blame

I’m begging you please hold on
The time is right to move on
I am here though no one is listening
Just hold on
The time is now move on
I will take you so far away

While you’re looking at some pictures
Of a son you used to have
A tear running down your face

You lost everyone you loved
And with a belt around your neck you
Know you could end it right now

Don’t give up just carry on you know this is the time
I am here to let you know that you are not alone
Spread your wings and fly away
This is the time to shine

Текст добавил Jetboy 25.1.2016 1:36

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