Текст песни Vector of Underground Prison Of Consciousness

in the system!!! I'm in the prison of mind.
Do you wanna be free? Become the truth of never mind.
Chicks are evil! Beauty makes you blind!
I'm in the system... waiting for the last hour to die.

In the fake world I'm a fake just like you,
And our desires are under control, if you wanna take something new.
My emptiness is always for you.
That's why, that's why you love me. I will always love you!

And you are - misunderstanding, And your game is never ending,
And your steps, are goods for all young eyes.
And all of these crimes are so nice.
Mommy, look at your funny beautiful child!

Wedding of our indifference... this history has so many parts.
And "Dresden fire democracy" forever lives in our hearts!

You must love your cars! They control oil.
You must love your TV! Control of media soil.
You must love hot chicks! Chiks took control over dicks!

I was a stunt man in the german porno films!

Текст добавил maxrong 20.9.2014 19:51

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