Текст песни Vector of Underground I Will Wake Orion

On the day, when spring is burning down dreams,
I'm flying out of the darkness of your feelings and your seals.

I will Wake Orion in the sea of the planets,
I will remember all my secrets of past lives and deaths.
I create the world of my mirror souls.
my birth in millions of light eyes is close!

I'm a live! I'M A LIVE!!!

light of eighteen stars, seven planets and moon scars.
let there will be a dark day and the bright night!

I'm a live! I'M ALIVE!

We went through all fights. Over the last chase.
In this world we live two hundred thousand years in space.

In a white, deep oceans there is Paradise of stars.
This world was created by real sun of dreams in us.
Everything is ready! But some one needs to fix!

Whis world is not enough without chicks!

Текст добавил maxrong 20.9.2014 19:52

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