Текст песни Villain Of The Story Suffer

You can't just show up when you want
Always stepping in when it's convenient
You will not ever know the cost
Of giving up what you've created
Your only real achievement
Denied he was yours now you want involvement
You're an absolute disgrace
He thinks you care but we both know that isn't the case

You'll never know the true meaning of sacrifice
You think everything that you've done is somehow justified
All your empty promises and your pathetic lies
I'll never understand how you could ever sleep at night

I wish you'd swallow your pride
And stay the fuck away
Stop playing games with his mind
Acting like you're here to stay

I hope when you're old and gray
You'll look back and feel the pain
Realize what you gave up
Knowing you could never be enough
You treat this like it's a game
Letting him love you then you walk away
Over and over, again and again
I pray you'll have remorse some day

I hope you feel the pain

I hope you feel the pain
I hope you feel the pain
I hope you feel the pain
I hope you suffer

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