Текст песни We Are The Emergency Sorry honey, this city has a limit

Streetlights fake a smile
As clouds mask her sadness
Night leaves mock crowds applause
This calming statics settling in.
Drops trace her face
Prove what’s sad remains,
so beautiful

We could never fall
We could have it all
We could never feel again

Lay me down
To the ground
I’ve never been here before

Such pain behind clenched eyelids
Curled sleepless, hidden, hollow
Clutching for strands of meaning
Can’t figure out how she got here

And now I’m standing here and
I can’t see who is looking back
Through murky pools
My face, distorted
Is this what I’ve become?
Who are you
And why do you care?

You will always take this part of me...

Текст добавил Tan 7.8.2009

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