Текст песни We Are The End 1000 Bodies To Bury

This is your end
The killing stops now,
So embrace yourself
The gates are closed so,
Don't fucking dare to enter
For death awaits on the other side
For death awaits on the other side
I will prepare the caskets for the many
That will be executed,
One by one, they will
Watch each other die
Can you look into my eyes?
And see that this is no longer a choice
The cleansing of filth
Blood ridden with bullets on the street
I no longer come with comforting hands
I no longer come with comforting hands
You did this to yourself

None of your children will be spared
Take back what's rightfully ours
These lands were never yours
I swear to god I'll take the immigrants
And burn them all in a second
As the gasp for breath left burning alive,
This is what the angel sounded
So lets put this in perspective,
When my knife slits your throat may your
Children sing along, as they watch you burn

Текст добавил Mrs Dramaqueen 25.5.2017

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